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Welcome to Web Creations by Z, and thanks for stopping by.
Located part way between Allentown, Reading, and Philadelphia, we’ve been providing affordable website development services to businesses, organizations, and other web designers since 2006. 


Web Creations by Z provides a wide range of services from basic website packages to custom content managed web sites and web-based applications using php and MySQL.  We’ll perform maintenance or make enhancements to existing sites, even if we aren’t the original authors.  We also offer search engine marketing services.  Our years of experience designing software based solutions for business, and our development methodology assures that the website delivered will meet your requirements.  We understand that ultimately, it's your website and we'll work to make sure it fits your needs, your tastes, and your budget. 

If you have some materials, you may already be half way there.  If not, Web Creations by Z can interview you to write your story, we can come to your location and take pictures, and we can create graphics for your website as well.  If you’d like, we’ll even handle your site administration for you by registering your domain name, hosting your site, and setting up email for you and your organization...  getting your website up and productive will be easy and hassle-free.

Those that already have websites can benefit from our services as well.  Have Web Creations by Z update your site to reflect the new products and services you offer to meet your customers changing demands. 

Our Team

Dj Consulting at Eli Lilly David ’Dj’ Stover - has been professionaly developing software since 1980 and founded Web Creations by Z in 2006.  His background includes working as a consultant for Fortune 500 clients, as a database administrator in a large data warehousing environment, and designing small independent decision support systems for corporate management.  Immediately prior to entering the web development arena, Dj held the position of Senior Database Administrator specializing in application design and development using Oracle and PL-SQL.

From defining requirements and system design... through coding, testing, and documentation... to system administration and maintenance, Dj has been involved with virtually all aspects of software development.  With this experience, he brings an organized, structured, and practical approach to web design and development ensuring flexible and maintainable code that meets the client’s needs.

Graywolf Designs - East Greenville PA

Donna Smith - graphics artist.  Donna has been in the graphic arts field since 1991, primarily for the printing industry.  She specializes in pre-press graphics working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and has established relationships with many area printers.  Donna designs logos and other effects for Web Creations By Z as well as any other promotional materials requiring printing.  Donna has been helping us since the company was founded, and also runs her own business, Graywolf Designs

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Select Sites

In addition to the sites below, you can find other sites that we’ve done in just about every section on this site. 

Visionary Fusion Glass Works
Visionary Fusion Glass Works
Unique Designs in Glass
Philadelphia, PA
Visionary Fusion Glass Works Website

The Art Glass Division at Visionary Fusion Glass Works produces Pattern Cut Glass and Fused Glass pieces for both commercial and private use.  Although this website details their more artistic pieces, one notable commercial application for their fused panels can be see on Martin + Osa store fronts. 

Site Notes: The gallery of work is database driven, allowing Visionary Fusion Glass Works to add, modify, or delete pictures of their work with ease.

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Office of the Tax Collector
Upper Hanover Township, PA

The Tax Collector for Upper Hanover Township wanted a way to inform his constituents about issues regarding their property taxes.  Mailing inserts with the tax bills can be expensive and often are thrown out or can’t be found when needed.  The solution, a website containing news items, forms, and links to other tax related sites.  A tool sure to make a difficult job just a bit easier. 

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Limerick Dental Care
Family Dentistry
Limerick, PA

The doctors at Limerick Dental Care weren’t smiling when they looked at their website.  It was out-of-date, organized poorly, and not very pleasing to the eyes.  They wanted new patients to be able to download forms and to offer coupons.  Web Creations By Z used notes from interviews, portions of their old site, and paint chips supplied by the client to create a fresher, more informative site that has the doctors smiling again. 

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A.T. Williams Art
Functional Art Furniture and Sculptures
Harleysville, PA

A.T.Williams creates one-of-a-kind designs featuring exotic woods.  From carvings and sculptures to functional art furniture.  Whether it’s a table with an elaborate inlays depicting a scene from nature, to a special case for a treasured possession, the subject matter for Tony’s works are limited only by his client’s imagination. 

Site Notes: Tony wanted the ability to update elements of his site; his scheduled appearances, his news section, and information on his works.  On his old site, these elements were often out-of-date.  The database driven site designed by Web Creations By Z includes a custom interface that lets Tony update these elements directly, allowing him to manage the content of his site.

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

As a satisfied customer of Web Creations By Z, I wanted to express my gratitude.  I have a small custom deck business that I care a lot about.  Dj has worked with me from the start of the web page design process and has been very patient. 

Like most of my customers, I am not an easy person to please.  I want very specific look and feel, and have trouble conveying these things.  Dj listened to everything I had to say, and somehow translated it and put together a Phenomenal Web Site for me.  My Business is growing faster and becoming more popular than I could have imagined. 

Thanks again Dj.  You’re the best. 

Jason Freed
JR Freed Construction 

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Please explore our site further, there’s a lot more to cover...  from the services we offer to the development methodology we use.  If you’d like to see some of our work, take a look at some of our client sites.  We’ve even provided a handy form so that you can contact us with any questions you may have, or to request a free consultation.

Thanks for considering Web Creations by Z for your website development needs.