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Web Creations by Z is your one stop shop for all your web site needs.  Whether a basic web site or a more complex web-based application, over a quarter of a century experience in software development insures we’ll get the job done right. 

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Web Design

Many find out the hard way that web design is more than just slapping some words and pictures together and posting them online.  At Web Creations By Z, we know that a solid web design often involves a lot of hard work... we mind the details and we’re ready to go to work for you. 

Analysis - We ask the right questions and most importantly, listen to your answers.  Whether your requirements are basic or complex, our Website Planning Guide helps us to learn your goals and intentions.  Then we present insightful ways to fulfill those goals.  Once completed, the objective is clearly defined. 

Design - We translate your needs and goals into a web site that is original, cost effective, and ready to fulfill it’s intended role.  Our documented Development Methodology insures that we consistently meet or exceed our client’s requirements.

Testing - We sweat the details.  We use multiple versions of multiple browsers to test and re-test each web site, ensuring that each visitor sees our client at their best and has a smooth, enjoyable visit. 

Throughout this process, Web Creations By Z is mindful of the fact that this is your website, not ours.  In order for your site to be successful, it must meet your business needs, suit your organization’s image, as well as fit your budget.  Web Creations By Z will take all of those factors into account and more… to create a site that is as unique as your business or organization.  Contact us today and lets get started!

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Blogger Integration

When it comes to organic web searches, content is king… and blogging is a great way to build a wealth of relevant content and keep a site fresh.  Blogging provides a platform for delivering up-to-the-moment, topical content without altering your website’s structure.  Just a post or two a month can generates a great deal of content over time… Content that contains valuable keywords that are cataloged by the search engines. 

Vandegrift Law Offices with integrated blog using Google Blogger

Vandegrift Law Offices website with integrated blog using Google Blogger

Keep in mind, for the best results, your blog needs to cover topics relevant to your customers and their needs.  Blogs that just contains press releases touting your accomplishments won’t keep visitors coming back for more… nor is it likely to provide information a prospective customer would use in a web search.  However, managed properly, a blog can be a valuable resource to your current customers as well as a source of new customers. 

Web Creations By Z can integrate a blog using Google Blogger, virtually seamlessly, into a new or existing website.  Google provides the infrastructure for managing your posts.  Even better, they’ll catalog every topic and keyword you post.  Contact Web Creations By Z and have us integrate a blog into your website. 

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Custom Content Management

Our content managed websites allow our clients to update selected portions of their website directly through a custom, password-protected interface.  The uses are as varied as are the businesses and organizations that use them. 

Here are some of the benefits of a content managed site: 

Upper Perkkiomen Valley Library uses a Content Managed Site to list news and post scheduled activities

The UPV Library uses a custom interface to manage activities and post news items

Fresh Content - Whether information appearing on a single page or information throughout the site, by keeping the content fresh and meaningful, visitors are more likely to bookmark your site and return to see what’s new in the future. 

Dynamic Capabilities - Sections of text, or even whole pages, can be added on the fly with the site’s navigation updated automatically to reflect any changes. 

User Friendly Interface - Maintaining HTML can be intimidating.  We develop custom interfaces that are user friendly and easy to learn.  That way, clients can concentrate on the content instead of wasting time on the HTML. 

Accurate, Up-to-date Information - Running a special or changing prices this week?  Get it on your site quickly.  Organizations, such as sports leagues, can manage schedule changes and cancellations on-line.  Since the updated information is on the site is immediately, there’s no need for the tedious process of calling everyone on a phone list. 

What can a content managed website do for you or your organization?  Contact Web Creations By Z today for a free consultation and see if content management is for you. 

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Mobile Optimization

Hey there!  You’re probably reading this on a mobile device right now, so I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be viewing a regular website on a mobile device.  In fact, almost half the respondents to a recent survey of mobile users stated that they routinely choose a different search result if their target website is not mobile friendly. 

WCBZ Mobile Optimized Website

Every day, more people are using smartphones and tablets to surf the web.  They use their mobile devices to comparison shop, make purchases, and research products, even when at home.  Just like you, when they arrive at sites that aren’t mobile optimized, often their experience is frustrating causing them to leave the site.  That’s why this site is, and your site should be, optimized for viewing on mobile devices. 

Need another reason to optimize your website for mobile devices?  Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing can detect the type of device being used and tailor the results.  A site that is well ranked when searched from a desktop may not rank as well in a search performed from a mobile device if the site is not mobile optimized. 

The mobile web is no longer just an idea - it’s a reality that will impact any organization with a website.  Many industry experts project that within a short time, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Internet access device. 

Is your website designed to meet your customer’s needs? If not, contact us today and have Web Creations By Z optimize your site for mobile devices, before any more of your potential customers go elsewhere.

Web-based Applications

The Mobile PC Guru</a> uses a custom application to track hardware and help tickets

The Mobile PC Guru uses a custom application to track hardware and help tickets.

It used to be that custom software applications were the domain of large corporations.  Not many small businesses could afford the infrastructure, nor the personnel required to manage everything from the databases and hardware to the operating system and the source code itself.  But that’s not so any more!

Our custom web based applications can be internet enabled or designed to run on your local network, complete with backup and recovery.  We design them to be cost effective, have intuitive interfaces, and be easy to maintain so that as your business grows, so to can your web site and application.

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Maintenance & Enhancements

There are many reasons to maintain and enhance your website. 

D and J Kennels uses Web Creations By Z to post information on new and upcoming litters

D&J Kennels has us update their site regularly with information on their new and upcoming litters.

• Your website represents your company to the online community.  Businesses adapt their products, services, and marketing to meet the ever changing needs of their customers.  It just follows then that your web site should be updated on a timely basis to reflect these changes.  Your site needs to represent what your company has become, not what it once was.

• From growing your site by adding content over time, to keeping product and service offerings current.  Adding fresh content on a regular basis best serves your visitors and pleases the search engines as well. 

• In 2010, few businesses considered having a mobile optimized website.  Today, its becoming the norm and taken into consideration by Google when people search using a mobile device.  Technologies and standards evolve and your site needs to keep up to stay productive. 

Contact Web Creations By Z today.  We can provides a variety of cost-effective solutions from minor and recurring updates to complete redesigns, and a whole bunch in-between. 

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Domain Names, Hosting, & Email

Let us make things easy for you.  We can manage your Domain Names, Hosting, and Email services. 

Domain Names - Every web site need a name!  Web Creations By Z can register and manage your domain name.  You are protected by a contract stating that you own the domain name.  Your site will never go dark because you forgot to renew, and you won’t be bothered by misleading junk mail disguised as domain name renewal notices.

Hosting - At Web Creations By Z, we match our clients with the hosting package that best serves their needs.  Basic hosting packages run on Linux with database support and can easily handle the needs of most small businesses. 

Email - sounds better than!  Get separate email accounts by employee, or function, or whatever makes most sense for your situation.  Better yet, you can access your email using a web-based interface, you can have it forwarded to your current email address, or you can access it using a standard email client like Microsoft Outlook.

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Brochure for the Chippy The Clown Website

Brochure based on the Chippy The Clown Website.

Printed Materials - Whether you’re getting a web site for the first time or making revisions to your current web site, it may be a good time to update your printed materials as well. 

You can leverage your web site’s effectiveness by featuring it on your printed materials and in your advertising.  Or, your website can often work as the basis for a great brochure.  We can produce a full range of printed materials including brochures, business cards, T-shirts and more.

Search Engine Marketing - Search Engine Marketing (also known as Pay-per-click Advertising) is a unique tool in that it targets only people that are already actively looking for the goods and services that you provide.  Advertisers bid on individual keywords (search terms) and their ads are displayed along with the organic search results.  The more you agree to pay per click for a specific keyword and the more effective your ad, the higher your site will rank in the paid search results.

A successful Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign will increase the volume of quality traffic to your web site.  Quality traffic, because these people are literally searching for what you have to offer.

Contact Web Creations By Z to learn more about the services we offer.

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